Windows Users Forced To See Bing Ads When Loading Chrome

If you’re a Windows user who prefers Google Chrome over Microsoft Edge, you might have noticed something strange when you try to search for Chrome on Bing. Instead of showing you the relevant results, Bing’s AI chatbot pops up and tries to convince you to stick with Edge and Bing. How rude!

This is not a glitch or a bug. It’s a deliberate attempt by Microsoft to keep users away from Chrome and Google, using its AI as a tool. According to 9to5Google, Microsoft tweaked its AI experience to ignore searches for Chrome and instead list out Bing features. The AI chatbot never gives the same answer twice, but in this case, it repeated the same text every time.

This behavior was seen not only in the US, but also in other countries where Bing is available. It seems that Microsoft was testing a new feature, or rather, a new trick, to lure users into its ecosystem. However, after The Verge contacted Microsoft about this issue, the company quickly removed the AI chatbot from the search results.

Microsoft said that it often experiments with new features and behaviors to test and improve experiences for its customers. But this experiment was clearly unethical and deceptive. It violated the user’s trust and choice, and it showed how desperate Microsoft is to compete with Google.

This is not the first time Microsoft has tried to push its products on Windows users. In the past, Microsoft has forced Windows users into Edge, added messages to discourage them from downloading Chrome, and even changed the default search engine to Bing without user consent.

Microsoft should be proud of its products, but it should also respect its customers. Bing’s AI is good, but it should not be used to manipulate users. Microsoft has no shame: Bing spit on my ‘Chrome’ search with a fake AI chatbot.

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