What’s New on WatchOS 10

Apple has recently unveiled watchOS 10, the next major update for Apple Watch users. This update brings a lot of new features and improvements to make your wearable experience more enjoyable and useful. Here are some of the highlights of watchOS 10:

Smart Stack

Smart Stack is a new feature that lets you view relevant widgets on your watch face with just a spin of the Digital Crown. You can customize which widgets you want to see, such as weather, calendar, fitness, music, and more. Widgets can also include groups of complications, so you can see more information at a glance.

New Watch Faces

watchOS 10 introduces two new watch faces: Pallete and Snoopy & Woodstuck. Pallete is a color-focused face that lets you choose from different color schemes and gradients. Snoopy & Woodstuck is a fun face that features the beloved characters from Peanuts. You can also customize these faces with different complications and widgets.

Redesigned Apps

Many apps on watchOS 10 have been redesigned with full-screen layouts and new features. For example, the World Clock app now shows background colors based on the time of day, the Workout app includes new trophy case and full-screen videos for each Activity ring, and the Mindfulness app offers additional tools to support mental health.

New Cycling and Hiking Features

watchOS 10 also brings new features for cyclists and hikers. For cyclists, watchOS 10 can connect to cycling power accessories over Bluetooth to improve workout tracking. You can also see power zones based on FTP and view live activity on your iPhone while cycling. For hikers, watchOS 10 adds new Compass Waypoints and Maps capabilities that help you navigate trails and terrain. You can also see emergency waypoints that show where you can call from any carrier network.

And More

There are many more features and improvements in watchOS 10, such as Group FaceTime audio, vision health tools, standardized assessments for anxiety and depression, and more. watchOS 10 is available as a developer beta today, and will be available as a free software update this fall.

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