What Samsung Needs to Do to Make the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Stand Out

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 was a solid improvement over its predecessors, but it still has room to grow. The flip phone faces new competition from Motorola’s Razr Plus, which has some features that make it stand out from Samsung’s device. Here are some ways Samsung could make the Galaxy Z Flip 5 more appealing and innovative.

A bigger cover screen One of the biggest advantages of the Razr Plus is its large 3.6-inch external display, which lets you do more without opening the phone. You can play games, use Google Maps, type an email and more on the Razr’s cover screen. The Galaxy Z Flip 4, on the other hand, has a tiny 1.9-inch cover screen that is only good for quick interactions, like checking your notifications or sending a preset reply to a text message.

Having a bigger cover screen could make the Galaxy Z Flip 5 more convenient and versatile, especially when you only have one hand free or don’t want to unfold the phone. It could also save battery life by reducing the need to use the main screen.

There are rumors that Samsung may indeed increase the size of the cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. According to Ice Universe, a reliable leaker of Samsung products, the Z Flip 5 will have a 3.4-inch cover display.

More Flex Mode features Samsung introduced Flex Mode with the Galaxy Z Flip, which allows you to use the phone as a mini tripod by folding it halfway and splitting apps between the top and bottom halves of the screen. This is useful for taking selfies, video calls and watching videos.

However, Samsung could do more to enhance Flex Mode and make it more useful for other scenarios. For example, it could add more apps that support Flex Mode, such as Instagram, TikTok and Netflix. It could also allow you to customize Flex Mode settings, such as adjusting the angle of the screen or choosing which apps to launch in Flex Mode.

Better battery life The Galaxy Z Flip 4 improved the battery life of its predecessor by adding a larger 3,300-mAh battery and a more efficient processor. However, it still falls short of other flagship phones when it comes to endurance. The Z Flip 4 lasted for about 10 hours on our battery test, while phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Galaxy S22 Ultra lasted for more than 13 hours.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 could benefit from a bigger battery or more power-saving features to extend its longevity. This is especially important for a foldable phone that has two screens and a high refresh rate display.

These are some of the ways Samsung could take the Galaxy Z Flip 5 to the next level and make it more competitive with other foldable phones. Of course, there are other aspects that Samsung could improve as well, such as adding water resistance, wireless charging and an S Pen support. But these are some of the most important ones that could make a difference in how people use and enjoy their flip phones.

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