Samsung MS23K3513AS Microwave Review

Samsung MS23K3513AS microwave oven is a product of the Samsung brand, with a capacity of 23 liters, a capacity of 800W, with many convenient functions such as quick defrosting, effective deodorizationscratch-resistant Ceramic Inside enameled oven cavity and easy to clean.

Features of Samsung MS23K3513AS microwave:

  • Quick defrost function: There are 5 modes that automatically calculate defrost time for 5 common foods such as beef / pork, poultry, fish, vegetables and bread. This function allows food to be thawed and softened quickly without getting wet or viscous.
  • Effective deodorizing function: There is a deodorizing feature that pushes the air flow in the oven cavity out, effectively eliminating unpleasant food odors left after the cooking process. This function makes your food more delicious, more attractive.
  • The function of keeping food always hot: There is a Keep Warm function to maintain the optimum temperature for food without worrying about overcooking every time you need to prepare multiple dishes at once. This function makes the meal always hot, fresh and ready for you to enjoy at any time.
  • Traditional recipe functions: There are diverse recipe choices already pre-programmed. You can try to create many attractive dishes with just a simple button, saving cooking time much more.
  • Eco mode saves electricity: Having an Eco mode significantly reduces the amount of power used to maintain essential features even when you’re not cooking. This mode optimizes electricity use, effectively saving bills for your family.

Design and operation of Samsung MS23K3513AS microwave oven:

  • Design: Elegant, modern design, suitable for all architectural styles for modern families. Compact, moderate size, helping to save space in your kitchen. Control panel in English with simple buttons and keystrokes, easy to use. The oven door design is convenient for handling and opening and closing the oven to be done gently. The microwave compartment is coated with Ceramic enamel to help prevent dirt and steam retention for a long time during processing, besides it is also easy to clean and clean the device.
  • Operate: Quiet operation, does not cause noise or vibration when operating. There is a safety lock function that disables the control panel, avoiding the danger when the oven is in operation that small children touch. With high capacity and wide capacity, it can heat or defrost large volumes of food in a short time.


Samsung MS23K3513AS microwave oven is a high-quality product, has a luxurious and modern design, has many utility and energy-saving features. The product is suitable for families from 3 – 4 members. However, the product also has some drawbacks such as no grill function and no power pump. You also need to consider the price and other features of the product before making a purchase decision.

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